Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Novato's Stafford Lake Bike Park Bell Grant // Help Vote!

Recently, the Stafford Lake Bike Park  in Marin County, was chosen as one of four finalists in the Western Region for a $100,000 Bell Built grant.  We need you to help them win! The winner is chosen by public voting, and we are asking you to support this amazing project by voting for the park between the dates of April 7th and April 20th at www.bellhelmets.com/bellbuilt.

The Stafford Lake Bike Park has been designed to be a premier bike park in Marin Co., CA, arguably where mountain biking started. Despite being an amazing place, there is almost no legal single track in the county. Mountain bikers of all ages, skill levels and disciplines need more places to ride. This park was designed by pro riders Mark Wier, Cam McCaul, and Brian Lopes, the Hillride Group, the local cycling community and Marin County Parks. It will feature downhill, freeride, dual slalom, dirt jump, trials, multiple pump tracks, and a skills progression loop.
The park has secured donations and sponsorships from many companies and the community, including the crew here at Old Town Sports, and just needs the Bell Built Grant to get construction under way.  The bike park is a reality this year, and can be completed by next year with your help!  The need is acute and this will be a premier level bike park for the benefit of the whole bay area, the youth, and local nonprofits. A safe free place that’s easy to get to where riders of all ages and disciplines can learn to ride, build skills, have events.
Again, please join us in support of this great project and vote NOW for the Stafford Lake Bike park at http://www.bellhelmets.com/bellbuilt.

For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/staffordlakebikepark or http://staffordlakebikepark.com/wp/.