Monday, July 19, 2010

Finding The Comfortable Bike For You...

We wanted to shed some light on the many questions we have about how a bike can be more comfortable for an individuals desired type of riding. The key factor is that hybrid bikes, otherwise referred to as comfort bikes, provide you with a more upright posture. This makes riding much easier on your lower-back, relieving pressure & tension, as well as your shoulders and arms.

The frame geometry of hybrid/comfort bikes is designed for upright posture. In the image below, you can see the difference in the height of the handlebars compared to a mountain bike. All of our Hybrid/Comfort bikes such as, the Fuji Crosstown, come with fully adjustable stems (component holding the handlebar up from the frame). The stems have a great adjustment range to fit your body type and height. The next benefit is the wider, comfort seat with a suspension seat post. This offers the feel & comfort of a full suspension bike, but it does not act like a sponge, absorbing all of your energy as you pedal. Front shocks add to the comfort and do not absorb too much of your pedaling efficiency. Your wrists will thank you for having quality front shocks.

Whether you are riding long distance backroads, some fire trails, cruising to town to grab some lunch, or just getting some exercise, hybrid bikes will allow you to have more fun with comfort.
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Sizes—15", 17", 19", 21", 23"
CROSSTOWN 3.0 (Womens)
Sizes—15", 17", 19"

CROSSTOWN 3.0 (Womens)
Sizes—15", 17", 19"

Verde 2011 Completes Now In Stock!

Our shipment of Verde 2011 completes arrived and they are nothing short of amazing! Their attention to detail does not go unnoticed. Models starting with the Prism have integrated crown races on the forks for the lower headset bearings to rest in. This eliminates the tedious task of installing a crown race, which can be frustrating for many. All bikes include sealed Mid Bottom Brackets & a 25-9 gearing. All cables, including straddle cables, are now black. And the casting of the Verde logo on headtubes is a the aesthetic icing on the cake. It feels like Christmas having these in the shop!

The following bikes are the models & colors we have in stock...
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PRISM—Flat Grey/Orange
PRISM—Flat Grey/Green
THEORY—Flat Purple
RADIA—Flat Black
LUXE—Black/Gold Flake

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CULT Faith Grips, Doomsday Pegs, & Pivotal Post Now In Stock

We just received our first shipment of Cult BMX products from our very awesome distributor Greenhouse. Cult was founded in late 2009 by Robbie Morales, who originally started Fit Bike Co. Robo has been a legendary name in the BMX industry for as far as I can remember. Team riders who followed Robbie from Fit to Cult were Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, & Dakota Roche. As Robbie put it, " This company is in no way about “reinventing the wheel” per say. It’s actually more of appreciation for classic looking BMX parts." It's great to see this appreciation for quality and very minimalistic packaging with no plastic.
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Photos: Greenhouse BMX

 Cult Faith Grips—$13.99
• Made in the USA by ODI
• Comes with bar plugs

Cult Doomsday Peg—$13.99 Per Peg
• Internally machined to reduce weight
• 100% heat-treated chromoly
• 3/8″ (10mm) or 14mm
• 35mm diameter
• 100mm length
• 7 oz. per peg


Cult Counter Culture Pivotal Post—$26.99
• 6061 aluminum alloy
• 25.4mm diameter
• 130mm length
• 3.5 oz.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

We have just added the Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) to our Links page for you. There Website is such a great resource for the cycling community in Marin. There main aspirations are the following...
  • increased opportunities for daily physical activity,
  • teaching your children to be skilled and safe bike riders,
  • reduced road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • transportation equity for our low-income neighbor
  • for 20% of all trips in Marin to be made by walking or bicycling by 2020
Their site offers constant updates on their campaigns for improving riding bikes for us in Marin. Currently, they're working on the Cal Park Hill Tunnel, which will connect the Larkspur Ferry Terminal & San Rafael. It is designed to accommodate SMART passenger trains, bicyclists and pedestrians.

"When completed, the 12-foot-wide, two-way, paved asphalt path will have emergency call boxes/blue light stations, closed-circuit television cameras, tunnel ventilation, a new pedestrian/cyclist overpass bridge in San Rafael where Anderson Drive crosses underneath Highway 101, and tunnel and pathway lighting with emergency call boxes."

Completion of this tunnel is estimated to open this summer. It will offer a much more direct, quicker, and safer route to ride. Man are we fortunate to have these improvements happening. The MCBC site also offers an incredibly helpful Marin Bicycle Map, originally created by local bike legend, Joe Breeze, who created Breezer bikes, one of brands carried at Old Town. There's plenty of news articles on the site, a calendar of scheduled rides, and volunteer opportunities. Hopefully this post was very helpful for you. We're always open for feedback.

BMX Inspiration // Tim "Wolfman" Harvey Stranger Video

Here's some riding inspiration for the 4th of July Weekend. Our good friend Tim Harvey had a nice little edit for Stranger BMX not too long ago. Tim is one of the most genuine guys you will ever come across and is beyond talented on a bike. Enjoy and have an amazing holiday weekend!

STRANGER/WOLFMAN/C.O.T.R. #7 from THEM on Vimeo.