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Just wanted to wish you all happy & safe holidays.
We truly appreciate your support at our shop!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012/2013 Ski & Snowboard Season Lease Program

Our goal is to make your families skiing & snowboarding as easy, fun, & inexpensive as possible. Leasing ski or snowboard packages for the entire snow season is the most convenient & cost efficient option, especially for kids as they continue to grow every year. Equipment does not have to be returned until
May 1, 2013.

// SKI PACKAGE INCLUDES—skis, bindings, boots, & poles
// SNOWBOARD PACKAGE INCLUDES—board, bindings, & boots
// SKI/BOARD HELMET ONLY—$19.99 picked up at any time
// SKI/BOARD BOOTS ONLY—$49.99 picked up at any time

JUNIOR PACKAGE (Size 130 & Under)

$199.99—junior equipment picked up prior to January 1, 2013
$159.99—junior equipment picked up after January 1, 2013

ADULT PACKAGE (Size 140 & Up)
$299.99—adult equipment picked up prior to January 1, 2013
$229.99—adult equipment picked up after January 1, 2013

// You don't have to return the equipment until May 1, 2013.
// If you want to switch boot sizes or styles, there is no charge.
// If you need the skis or board tuned during the season, there is no charge.
// If you want to switch from skis to snowboarding, there is no charge.
// All damage to equipment is covered by a 10% insurance fee of the lease, which means there will be no issues if you have a gouge in the base of your skis or board from running over a rock, scratches or tears on the boots, a broken boot buckle, or a bent pole. As long as the equipment is not lost or stolen, damage is covered. We'll take care of the repairs for you, but please try to be respectful and caring of the equipment.

20% OFF SALE! // Adult Ski & Snowboard Jackets & Pants

It's that time of the season for warm, comfy jackets & pants all at 20% OFF. We have a variety of styles and color schemes from BURTON, MARKER, SESSIONS, & TURBINE.
Come check them out!

Women's Jackets

Men's Jackets

2013 Verde Spectrum

The quality & aesthetics of this pro level bike compared to the price tag are almost unreal.
At $549.99 the 2013 Verde Spectrum features 100% chromoly frame, forks, & bars,
fully sealed components, & the Cinema 777 double wall rims. The Spectrum is ready for serious riding right out of the shop. Check out the video below for more specs from Verde...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bike Accessories & Tools // Great Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

From bells to hex wrench sets, to chain lubethese make great, inexpensive gifts for bike riders. Light sets for night riding are especially helpful this time of the year with the sun setting so early.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More BMX Tire Colors In Stock

Here's a few more color options of the DUO SVS tire in purple, red, blue, or white walls at $22.99. Also pictured is our regular stock of DUO Stunner, Stunner Lo, & Kenda K-Rad tires, ranging from $18.99-$31.99. The quality of DUO's rubber is truly amazing. I've been riding a pair of the Stunner's for almost a year and a half now and they're still going strong. Not only that, but they're one of the lightest non-folding tires out there, which means you don't have to break the bank.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Your Bike Inflated & Safe

Every week, bike tires can lose up to 10 pounds of air
, making it harder & harder to pedal.
A floor pump for home or hand pump for on-the-road-inflation
is the easiest way to keep your bike rolling smooth & fast.
Every week, we also here about bikes getting stolen.
Keep them locked up even at home. Apparently thieves are not
afraid to walk into people's garages now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fuji 26" & 29" Mountain Bikes Stocked Up

We've got a great selection of Fuji 26" & 29" mountain bikes in the shop right now. From a recreational MTB to an advanced MTB, they're all covered right here in a simple selection.
And with the tacky dirt that Fall weather brings, it's an amazing time for riding.
As always, with the purchase of any new bike from our shop—
it is professionally assembled, and includes a free New Bike Tune-Up
within 60 days of the purchase to keep things running smooth.

Come check them out when you have a chance!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

26" CST Comfort Tires In Stock

If you ride mostly on the streets & some light dirt trails, this is the tire you're looking for. It just doesn't make sense to ride knobby mountain bike tires on the roads and having your bike feel like a monster truck. The CST Comfort Tire features a smooth rolling surface for less resistance & fast rolling. The side knobs are just the right size for great turning traction. We currently have these CST tires in stock in a 26x1.95 at $17.99 per tire.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

BMX Tires All Stocked Up!

Here's a few new additions to our BMX tire selection, as well as our regular supply of DUO SVS, Stunner, Stunner Lo, & Kenda K-Rad tires. The DUO SVS tires are now available in purple & white walls at $22.99. The Stunner Lo is now available in 2.35 white walls
at $31.99. Time to grab some fresh tires & tear up the streets.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Preview // 2013 VERDE Complete BMX Bikes

Year after year, Verde's annual release of new bikes continues to impress & improve without prices skyrocketing. The attention to detail and superior quality create the cleanest and most solid bikes in BMX. All Verde completes feature heat-treated 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks, a 25-9 gear ratio, & sealed mid bottom bracket. Some of the updates include The CADET now with DUO SVS colored sidweall tires, The EON with a topload stem & DUO SVS tires, & the Prism with an integrated headset & fully sealed cassette. As usual, with the purchase of any new bike from our shop, it is professionally assembled, and includes a free Bike Tune-Up ($69.99 value) within the first 60 days to keep things running smooth.

Prices may be subject to change.
Click on each photo to enlarge.
Photos // Greenhouse BMX
More Info // Verde BMX

CADET // Matte Black // $319.99

CADET // Matte Blue // $319.99

CADET // Matte Purple // $319.99

EON // Matte Black & Blue // $369.99

EON // Matte Black & Orange // $369.99

EON // Matte Black & Purple // $369.99

PRISM // Matte Black & Teal // $399.99

PRISM // Matte Blue // $399.99

PRISM // Matte Orange // $399.99

VEX // Matte Blue // $449.99

VEX // Matte Red // $449.99

VEX XL (21" TT) // Matte Black // $449.99

THEORY // Matte Red // $499.99

THEORY // Matte Blue // $499.99

SPECTRUM // Matte Burgandy // $549.99

SPECTRUM // Matte Blue // $549.99

RADIA // Matte Green // $619.99

RADIA // Matte Black // $619.99

LUXE // Matte Blue // $869.99

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BMX Handshake From Our Little Buds At Old Town

Salvador & Kiefer keeping BMX official on the evening of the solar eclipse.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Plenty Of New 12" & 16" Schwinn Kids Bikes

If you're in the market for a durable & great looking kids bike for
your little one to start out on, Schwinn has it covered.
The 12" Tiger & Tigress are designed for the 3-5 year old range.
The 16" Gremlin & Lil' Stardust are designed for the 4-6 year old range.
These little guys are equipped with a single-speed drive-train
& coaster brake for easy pedaling & braking.
Both the seat & stem are adjustable for varying heights.
As always, with the purchase of any new bike from our shop—
it is professionally assembled, and includes a free New Bike Tune-Up
within 60 days of the purchase to keep things running smooth.

New Macneil x Defgrip BMX Grips In Stock

Macneil & Defgrip teamed up to make these awesome collaboration grips.
// Classic mushroom design w/soft Krayton rubber for comfort

// Black & clear in stock at OTS
// Durable rubber bar ends

// Flangeless

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WTB Weirwolf 26" All-Mountain Tires In Stock

If you're looking for one of the best quality all-mountain tires for great traction,
the WTB Weirwolf is it. WTB is also a local Marin company with a wherehouse
right here in Novato. The tire has been designed by Novato local rider, Mark Weir.
We currently have the Weirwolf Comps in 26x2.1 & 26x2.3 in stock at
$34.99 per tire. Also available is the Race version with a kevlar bead,
DNA Rubber, & lightweight casing, at $59.99 per tire.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Verde Site & More Bikes On The Way By Monday 5/7/12

Our guys over at Verde BMX have re-designed their Site featuring new video edits
& in depth features features on all of the 2012 Verde BMX completes.
Check it out at

From the Cadet to the Luxe, the full line of Verde Completes with all the
specs & details you've been looking for are here.
Verde Cadet // Limited Matte Orange // $319.99

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30-50% OFF SALE // All Ski & Snowboard Pants & Jackets

With some fresh snow currently on the way, all of our Ski & Snowboard Pants & Jackets will be 30%-50% OFF! We have a solid variety of styles and color schemes from BURTON, MARKER, SESSIONS, & TURBINE. Come check them out to save for seasons to come...
Sessions Women's Jackets

Burton Women's Jackets

Marker Men's Jackets

Burton Men's Jackets

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Cinema VX Rear Hubs Out Now

MATERIAL // 6061 aluminum hub shell
COLORS // Black, orange, or purple anodized
FEATURES // Available in both RHD and LHD (black only)
AXLE // 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle with 8mm internal hex
AXLE NUTS // 14mm threaded alloy nuts (14x1 thread pitch)
NON-DRIVESIDE CONE // 24mm threaded alloy cone (x1)
DRIVESIDE CONES // 24mm threaded steel nuts (x2)
DRIVER // 9-tooth chromoly, 4-pawl, bushing driver
BEARING CODE // 6902 (x2)
SPOKE HOLE // 36 holes
WEIGHT // 15 oz

Sunday, January 29, 2012

BMX Case Fully Stocked & Ready To Rock!

The BMX case is fully stocked with fresh parts ready to ride. The sun is shining today and we want to help make your bike feel as smooth, strong, & light as possible with best quality parts in BMX from all rider-owned companies. If you have any questions, just let us know.

P.S. We have one copy of the Anthem II DVD with a signed poster from one of the riders in the could be Mike Aitken. This video is legendary must must see. 
Quality BMX parts from Flybikes, Duo, Cult, Odyssey,
The Shadow Conspiracy, Tree, & Primo

Duo & Odyssey Seat, Flybikes Cables, & Greenhouse Posts

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fresh Snow...

Better late than never, the mountains finally have some great snow conditions. The feedback from our rental customers have all been good reports from this week and according to Squaw they had a fresh dump of almost 5 feet after this past storm. Below are a few photos taken from Squaw's Site shot on January 21, 2012. Hope this gets everyone psyched for the late season! Get ready for this weekend!
Photos Courtesy Of //
Fresh snow in Squaw Valley

Beautiful view heading down the mountain