Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Your Bike Inflated & Safe

Every week, bike tires can lose up to 10 pounds of air
, making it harder & harder to pedal.
A floor pump for home or hand pump for on-the-road-inflation
is the easiest way to keep your bike rolling smooth & fast.
Every week, we also here about bikes getting stolen.
Keep them locked up even at home. Apparently thieves are not
afraid to walk into people's garages now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fuji 26" & 29" Mountain Bikes Stocked Up

We've got a great selection of Fuji 26" & 29" mountain bikes in the shop right now. From a recreational MTB to an advanced MTB, they're all covered right here in a simple selection.
And with the tacky dirt that Fall weather brings, it's an amazing time for riding.
As always, with the purchase of any new bike from our shop—
it is professionally assembled, and includes a free New Bike Tune-Up
within 60 days of the purchase to keep things running smooth.

Come check them out when you have a chance!