Friday, January 28, 2011

DAKINE Backpacks In Stock

Dakine bags are as clean and stylish as they come. Their designs thrive from simplicity and functionality. Whether they're used for school, carrying your board, daily use, or traveling, they definitely get the job done and last forever. The Groms packs are great for the little guys too!
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Mission Backpack—Denim

• Vertical board carrier
• Fleece lined goggle pocket
• Fleece lined sunglass pocket
• Organizer pocket
• Adjustable padded waist & chest straps
• Padded sleeve (fits most 15" laptops)
Mission Backpack—Vertical Board Carrier
Mission Backpack—Fleece Lined Goggle Pocket

Explorer Backpack—Black

• Skateboard carrier
• Fleece lined MP3/Sunglass pockets
• Padded sleeve (fits most 15" laptops)
• Organizer pocket
• Mesh side pockets
• Adjustable chest strap
Explorer Backpack—Denim

Explorer Backpack—Pocket Organizer

Explorer Backpack—Skateboard Carrier

Grom Backpack—Checks

• Skateboard carrier straps
• Bungee Storage (Great for holding your sweatshirt)
• Fleece lined MP3/Sunglass pocket
• Mesh sidepockets
Grom Backpack—Denim
• Reflective Details

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The History of Oakley By Harrison Boyce

Here's a few words from Harrison Boyce about this amazing video he created...
This past year, I got the chance to go down to the Oakley headquarters in California to check out the re-issue of the infamous B-1B grip that Oakley was working on. While I was down there, I took the opportunity to put together a video giving a little history and background to the brand. Oakley is a company that does a billion dollars a year in sales, has stores all over the world, and has created some of the most iconic eyewear of my generation… and I’m pretty sure not many people know that Oakley started out by making BMX grips.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Bell, a former AMA Supercross champion and employee of Oakley who started in 1985, to tell the story of how Oakley went from a small grip company to one of the biggest eyewear brands in the world. Thanks to Brian Takumi, Mike Bell, Dylan Radloff, and Mark Scurto for making this happen.
History of Oakley from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ski & Snowboard Helmet Law Update

Just wanted offer some sources and info regarding the ski & snowboard helmet law.
Unfortunately, it did NOT pass according to Ski Law, but will be attempted again.

Here's a few links to some articles...
SKI SAFETY BLOG—California Ski Safety Bills Terminated
SF WEEKLY—Leland Yee Introduces Ski Helmet Law -- Again